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Fast Frac

lay flat INDUSTRIAL hose solutions
for air and liquid transfer

Hammerhead Industrial Hose is committed to stocking a large inventory of trusted Industrial and Fire hoses such as OROFLEX and ARMTEX, that have exceeded industry standards for over 60 years.

1”-12” hoses are available in standard lengths up to 1600’ and are available for immediate delivery. Our  20 years of hose experience allows us to recommend the perfect hose for transferring air and most liquids ranging from potable water to oil based fuels.

Our industry leading warranty, 5 years on Industrial hoses and 10 years on Water Well and Fire Hoses, assures that you can count on trouble free service each time you use our products.

Whether you are a drilling company or oilfield supply company that needs a high pressure hose at a well site, or an energy services company that requires miles of large diameter transfer hose, we offer the right solution. Our LAYFLAT hoses are an excellent choice for Fracking companies working on oil wells and gas wells in the Eagle Ford Shale and Haynesville Shale. If you are looking for an excellent alternative to aluminum irrigation pipe you will find our hoses to be a great choice. Our hoses not only reduce labor cost because they are offered in longer continuous lengths than irrigation pipe, they also deliver higher volumes of water by offering lower friction loss. Customers appreciate how easy our ozone and abrasion resistant hoses are to handle and deploy when compared to poly pipe.

Our extruded rubber hoses offer much longer life and higher operating pressure than most PVC hoses and our lay-flat discharge hose is commonly used to dewater mines, or provide flood water extraction during natural disasters.

Our large diameter supply hose offers outstanding performance to irrigation companies, groundwater companies, or dewatering companies that need a pump discharge hose capable of maintaining a high working pressure while being durable enough to transfer sludge or slurry when used with trash pumps.

Pipeline companies enjoy the security our hoses provide when used in pipe line bypass.

Our rubber discharge hose works well with saltwater/brine water and is a good choice for industrial supply companies, mining supply companies, and water treatment plants. If you are looking to transfer settled water, or supply high pressure air for seismic exploration we have the right hose.

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8" & 10" Fast Frac in stock and available for immediate delivery!

Our Oroflex Fast Frac Total Solution system is designed to eliminate leaks and keep containment when transferring produced water. This turnkey system is being successfully used at multiple rig sites in Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Ohio & Wyoming.

Contact us to discuss how our rapid deployment and retrieval system greatly reduces time, labor, transportation, and storage expenses.


Our specially designed hoses have been the perfect choice for Top Drive service loop construction and other cable management needs for many years. These extruded nitrile rubber hoses are reenforced with a synthetic internal weave to create three bonded layers for maximum protection to individual cables and bundles. The internal rubber lining allows cables to glide freely inside the hose eliminating damages from friction and binding problems. The ribbed rubber exterior is compatible with oil based fuels and eliminates the problems and dangers caused from absorbing damaging oils, grease, dirt and chemicals. Making this a superior choice to hoses with cloth exteriors.